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Abolyn was born from our founder's first-hand frustrations around inefficient procurement when leading a home manufacturing startup. Too much time was wasted just trying to find and negotiate fair prices for the parts and materials needed to build each home.

Coming from a manufacturing startup, we understand the challenges of balancing innovation with cost control and operational efficiency. That's why we created Abolyn - an AI-powered sourcing solution that allows manufacturing companies to stay focused on their core technology instead of the logistical challenges of their supply chain.

The Minds Behind OUR Mission

founder & Ceo
Spencer Burleigh
Spencer B
Spencer is an ambitious, second-time founder who grew his robotic home manufacturing company (backed by YC, TI Platform, Paul Graham, and Dave Lieb, among others) to a $10m+ contracted revenue run rate and a staff of 45+. That company failed because it didn’t have the tools and infrastructure Abolyn is building now.
↘ From our founder
In 2019 I left school to start Pippin, a house manufacturing company, and our backyard home (ADU) brand Rent the Backyard (YCs19). We grew the business past a $10m contracted revenue run rate but ran out of money before we hit a profitable scale.

I'm a deep believer that we need to make more progress in the physical world. Physical infrastructure like energy generation, factories, and transportation networks are the primitives of our society and its wealth. We need to invest in and develop our industry, our technology, and our communities to enhance this foundation and build our society's arsenal of tools to overcome any challenge. This strategy works! Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, the world has nearly eliminated extreme poverty, reduced child mortality by 10x, and nearly doubled the average lifespan.

I started Abolyn to help accelerate progress in the physical world so we can face and solve today’s greatest challenges. For the past five decades, Western society has focused on outsourcing, and economizing -- letting its physical capabilities stagnate or even diminish. Over the past few years, it feels like that’s started to change and a new ecosystem is emerging. My last company was part of that early ecosystem and while talent was pouring in and capital increasing available, it felt a lot like building software before infrastructure companies like AWS and Stripe. Our team spent countless hours determining what and how to buy the physical items we needed only to repeat the whole process as we grew larger or something broke. Building this infrastructure was both table stakes to enable our work and a distraction from the dimensions that defined the success of our company.

Abolyn exists to help you focus on the most important parts of your business. To save you time and to stretch each dollar further. And to give you a better shot at solving our society’s greatest challenges.

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